Xavier M.

Oxford Ambassador at Emory University


Class of 2025

Hometown: St. Louis, AL

Major: Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

What is your favorite Emory tradition?

I really enjoyed the Oxford Olympics, which was one of the last parts of new-student orientation. I enjoyed the sense of community I felt and the ability to bond so easily over something as simple as our orientation teams.

What has been your most impactful class?

My discovery seminar, Stats in Sports. I appreciate being able to take time to take a class about something that I am genuinely passionate about, rather than just the classes suggested or required for my major.

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

Going to Atlanta Braves games- it's not that bad of a drive and the atmosphere is unbeatable

On a random day, you're most likely to find me….

In the library, eating JFK at the student center, or in the pool

I'm passionate about...

Geography (Geoguessr) Chess Sports

I'm involved with...

Soccer Intramurals SAA OxChess OSC (Oxford Service Corps)
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