Spencer M.

at Emory University


Class of 2022

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Major: Political Science

Concentration: International Politics

Secondary Major: Economics

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

I absolutely love running on the Beltline to Piedmont Park with the cross country team. Each time I'm on the Beltline I'm reminded of Atlanta's diversity, and I just love the feel of being right in the city, with great views of Downtown and Midtown. Along the way, you get to see public art exhibits, historical displays about the Civil Rights Movement, and you have convenient access to a whole host of coffee shops, food stands, and even Ponce City Market. Piedmont Park is something special too. It's beautiful and has a lot of cool spots to check out.

What has been your most impactful class?

Islam and Politics with Professor Carrie Wickham. I learned so much about the world's second largest religion, and a group of people that I hadn't really understood before. Conceptualizing Islam is very different from Christianity because Islam includes a code of law that instructs adherents on all conceivable aspects of daily life, so there is a political and legal aspect to the religion. Also, I realized what profession I want to pursue after taking this class.

On a random day, you're most likely to find me….

Chilling in the Woodruff Physical Education Center resting after that morning's track workout, sitting in Ebrik Coffee Room taking in the sounds and smells, or getting some reading done in the Matheson Reading Room.

What is your favorite Emory tradition?

Homecoming and Dooley's Weeks. I love the spirit that arises with all of the different events, and the concerts are always awesome. With Dooley's Week also comes some great traditions, like Dooley excusing students from class.

I'm passionate about...

New Music Reading Excersise Running Outdoor Activities Writing Hanging Out with Friends Crosswords Skiing International Relations Politics

I'm involved with...

Student Athlete Advisory Committee Emory Student Ambassadors The Emory Wheel Track and Cross Country
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