Rachel L.

Ambassador at Emory University


Class of 2023

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Major: Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

Try new foods! I am such a foodie so I am very grateful that Atlanta has such a vibrant food scene. There are many interesting restaurants right around campus and some a little further (Ponce City Market, Decatur, Buckhead). Going into the city to try new food lets me learn more about the city and its life. It is also very nice to get off campus every one in a while with friends to take a break from school and enjoy being a student in such an amazing city!

What is your favorite Emory tradition?

I love Wonderful Wednesday! Every week students gather in the center of campus with different organizations advertising or fundraising. Often there are just fun activities and free food! I love it so much because in the middle of often busy weeks it reminds me to take a break and do something fun and happy. On weeks where I cannot stop by even just seeing it from a distance makes me happy knowing what the tradition stands for.

What has been your most impactful class?

Chemistry 150. This class is the first of the chemistry classes that I took on the Pre-Medical Track. Being the first college-level science class I took, I was nervous coming in about whether or not I would be able to manage and continue along the Pre-Medical Track. Succeeding in this course (with the support of friends and academic resources) proved to myself that I am ready for college-level sciences and to continue with the Pre-Medical Track if I so wish to.

On a random day, you're most likely to find me….

Hanging out with friends. Days are often long and full but it is always important for me to find time to be a human and unwind. Sometimes it is as simple as me watching an episode from a nostalgic show on Disney+ before bed. Others it is a spontaneous study break with friends. I have standing weekly plans with friends to ensure that we regularly are able to see each other and catch up even if we don't have classes together.

I'm passionate about...

Mental Health Television Atlanta Food Scene Sports Friends and Family

I'm involved with...

Undergraduate Student Government Association Department of Accessibility Services Student Advisory Board Chemistry Department Learning Assistant Greek Life Undergraduate Research Hillel
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