Hannah G.

Ambassador at Emory University


Class of 2023

Hometown: Andover, KS

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Economics

What is your favorite Emory tradition?

My favorite Emory tradition is during Dooley's week, Dooley will make appearances in classes. Through a spokesperson he will ask the professor a question about Emory's history (normally very tough questions) and if the professor answers incorrectly, Dooley dismisses class. This happened in my organic chemistry class while we were still online. Funnily enough, our midterm was only two classes away so almost half of the class rejoined the Zoom but were promptly told to go enjoy the day and eat some ice cream!

What has been your most impactful class?

I think my most impactful class was my freshman seminar - Anthropology 190 Cultures Across Campus and Atlanta. Coming from a small town in Kansas, Atlanta was a huge city with so many different people and cultures that I wanted to learn about. Through this class, I was able to have meaningful conversations about the different cultures on our campus and perform an ethnography as my final project. We also went on field trips into Atlanta to learn more about the people that live in the city and outside the perimeter. These trips opened my eyes to different foods, tradtions, and backgrounds that I had not experienced before coming to Emory.

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

Honeslty, I just love exploring the city and going to cute thrift stores, fun coffee places, and yummy resturaunts with friends. I have also recently been getting into cycling, and my roommates and I have been going to Soul Cycle together and then hitting a brunch spot on the way back to our appartment which has been really fun!

On a random day, you're most likely to find me….

I am normally either in Atwood, the chemistry building, or walking around outside either on the quad or Lullwater.

I'm passionate about...

Hiking Fashion Harry Styles Crocheting Reading Books

I'm involved with...

Chemistry TA Lee Lab Research Heemstra Lab Research WiSTEM HerCampus Club Tennis
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