Grace E.

Oxford Ambassador at Emory University

Class of 2023

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

Major: Environmental Science

Concentration: Environmental Justice

Minor: Political Science

On a random day, you're most likely to find me….

with a Kaldi's cold brew in hand, on my way to find the perfect study spot in the student center!

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

Visit and volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium. To Alice the whale shark - I love you!

What has been your most impactful class?

It's one I'm currently in - Creative Writing! It's been awe-inspiring to read incredible pieces of literature and hear from the authors, while just generally learning about life and expressing important things to others through art.

I'm passionate about...

finding coffee shops Meeting Dogs Podcasts Event Planning Reading and Writing Marine Biology

I'm involved with...

Food Recovery Network/Research Digest Oxford Research Scholars OxFellowship OxFirst
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