Emma B.

Ambassador at Emory University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Newport Coast, CA

Major: Business Administration (BBA)

Concentration: Marketing and Information Systems and Operations Management

What is your favorite Emory tradition?

Farmer's Market Tuesday!! I look forward to going to the farmer's market for lunch every Tuesday with my friends, especially during the warmer months, and make it a priority - yes, there have been times where I have changed my schedule for it. Farmer's Market Tuesdays are a time where students take a break from their day to gather with friends outside to eat yummy food, enjoy the sunshine, and catch up; cox bridge is always FULL of people during this time. My "go-to" farmer's market meal is the chicken tikka masala, as well as the blue donkey almond iced coffee, which is literally a melted milkshake...aka HEAVEN!

On a random day, you're most likely to find me….

On a random day, you are most likely to find me in the new student center! From the second I stepped into the student center at the end of my sophomore year, I knew that it would become my go-to place. I have already found myself texting my friends to meet me at the student center, whether that be for food, to socialize, or to study. There are amazing "hang out" spaces both indoors and outdoors with couches and beautiful views of campus. For food, or a caffeine boost before class, there is kaldis coffee, which has my favorite on campus salad - the walnut avocado salad. There are also amazing places to study, both for group study and individual study. When I have to study by myself, I love going to the egg chairs on the third floor that are right up against a window that overlooks campus. I already love the memories I have made in the student center and can't wait to continue to find new ways to take advantage of it.

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is to eat at BarTaco and then bird (or lime) to Ponce City Market. I am a hugeeee foodie (and the Atlanta food scene is every foodies dream). BarTaco is at the top of my list. It has a "beachy vibe" and makes me feel like I am back in California (where I am from). After eating way too many tacos and a large guacamole, I love grabbing an electric scooter and riding along the beltline to Ponce City Market. Ponce City Market is an old factory that has been refurbished and turned into a trendy shopping mall. There are different shops, restaurants, and a rooftop with activities such as mini golf. My favorite, and most dangerous part, of Ponce is the dessert section of the food court. I can never decide between getting a chocolate dipped popsicle from King of Pops or cookie dough (sometimes I even get both).

What has been your most impactful class?

The most impactful course I took was actually a Microeconomics course my first year! I vividly remember entering class on the first day of school. It was my first college class, I was nervous, and I knew no one. When class started, the professor walked, nearly ran, into the room, full of energy, making me immediately excited for the semester. Before he started his lecture, he went around the room and took pictures of every single student in the class. I looked around the room with a confused face to see if anyone else in the class understood what was going on, but got no answers. He then left the room, printed our photos, and had us write our names under our faces. The professor then dove into his lecture without giving us a reason for the photos. On the second day of class, the professor came into the room and had every single one of our names memorized! I was blown away. I never thought I would be in an intro college class with a professor who cared so much about getting to know his students to take the time to memorize (and remember) every single students name. He wanted to get to know us, he wanted us to come to his office hours, and he wanted us to succeed. I ended up getting very close with this professor through going to office hours. During office hours, I had hour long conversations with him not only about course material, but also about my future goals and life in general. His course is the reason I decided to take the business school path and he helped push me to where I am today. I still keep in touch with this professor and his course is the reason I felt comfortable at Emory from day 1.

I'm passionate about...

Friends and Family Shopping Traveling Orangetheory Tennis Spin Class I am a major foodie Healthy Baking Healthy Cooking Sports Running

I'm involved with...

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