Calvin B.

Oxford Ambassador at Emory University


Class of 2024

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Major: Economics and Computer Science

Minor: Quantitative Sciences

My favorite thing to do in Atlanta is...

I haven't spent a ton of time in Atlanta due to COVID-19, but I really like the Emory Village area right around the Atlanta Campus. There's cool places to walk around and have a picnic, in addition to a fun photo spot at the iconic Emory sign that you see in all of the Emory promotional material.

What is your favorite Emory tradition?

The Coke Toast! Former Coca-Cola President Robert Woodruff went to Emory, and the university has continued to have strong ties with Coca-Cola over the years. The Coke Toast bookends your time at Emory, as it is done during orientation and then again at graduation. I think this is a fun tradition and it really brings the whole campus together to celebrate beginnings and endings while enjoying a refreshing Coke (or other Coca-Cola product if Coke isn't your thing).

On a random day, you're most likely to find me….

I really like hanging out with people in a variety of spots on campus. Generally you'll find me in the Elizer Hall lobby, Pierce Hall, or in the Student Center.

What has been your most impactful class?

Intro. to Microeconomics with Dr. Blake has really changed the way that I have thought about myself as a consumer in our rapidly changing economy. It also made me consider whether I'd be interested in some sort of economics major or minor, which is definitely not something that I thought I would be interested in coming into college.

I'm passionate about...

Statistics Economics STEM Computer Science

I'm involved with...

Student Admission Association
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